Heather Vrana is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Florida (Ph.D, Indiana University 2013) and author of the monograph, This City Belongs to You: A History of Student Activism in Guatemala, 1944-1996 (University of California Press, 2017). She has also edited an anthology entitled Anti-Colonial Texts from Central American Student Movements, 1929-1983, a collection of primary sources from Central American student movements (Edinburgh University Press, 2017). Her articles and reviews have appeared in the Radical History Review, Journal of Genocide Research, Ethnohistory, e-misférica, and Journal of Latin American Geography. She is a member of the Tepoztlán Collective and co-director of History, Memory, Politics: Revisiting the Guatemalan Revolution, an edited volume and multi-media digital history and memory collaboration.

Her newest research is entitled The Idea of Disability and the Making of Modern Central America.

Her research interests include student and social movements, Central America, social class, race, disability and history of medicine, and nationalisms.

Heather Vrana learned Spanish in a Washington D.C.-area high school from a Puerto Rican nationalist and three children of refugees from internal conflicts in Central America and Peru. From this language education came a political education. After some unexpected delays and misdirections, she enrolled in Latin American history and political science classes in college. With guidance from tremendous mentors, she journeyed to the Midwest for graduate school. Unexpectedly, she found there a love for Central America and Mexico.

Heather Vrana

Mérida, 2015 (Photo credit: kidd)

Mérida, 2015 (Photo credit: kidd)